How to test your remote control for TV, VCR, DVD Player, CD, Stereo, Receiver remote control. Remote may be working your Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Magnavox, Philips, JVC, Kenwood, RCA, GE, Proscan, Mitsubishi, etc. tv may not be. Fix my remote Universal codes

Troubleshoot your Remote Control!

How to make sure the remote is working.


How to check your remote signal

note: IR (infra-red) remotes only

What you need:

video camera
remote control
digital camera
camera phone
  1. BulletRemote control

  2. BulletCamera phone or Video camera or a Digital Camera (just one)

  3. BulletGood working batteries

Steps to TEST your remote control:

  1. 1.Place good batteries into remote control

  2. 2.Turn your camera on

  3. 3.Point the eye of the remote towards the lens of the camera (shown below)

remote control testing 1

  1. 4.Press each button on the remote while viewing through the digital viewer on the camera

Results: (Read all the way through)

While looking at the camera screen you will see the remote (similar to picture below).

If working then you will see a flickering light coming from remote (right image) when a button is pressed

(not all buttons will work, see below).

remote control testing working Left - NOT working | Right - Working

Buttons that will not work on any remote control:

  1. BulletRecord button (This button might work if you also press the play button at the same time)

  2. BulletTV / DVD / VCR / Cable / AUX button

  3. BulletProgram button

If the remote control works you will see a flickering or steady light coming from the eye of the remote through the camera screen.

Check every button on the remote to make sure they all work. If all buttons show a light than there is no need to repair or buy a new remote, this means that your TV/VCR/DVD/etc device needs to be fixed, or the remote control needs to be reprogrammed if it is a universal.

If some of the buttons do not work, than your remote may also work for a DVD/VCR/Cable/Aux/etc, if so than you will have to click the DVD/VCR/Cable/AUX/etc button (This tells the remote that you are switching to this device and the remote will then allow a signal for the features of that device to transmit) and then some of the buttons that didn't work, may now work.

If the remote partially works than you will see a light with only some of the buttons being pressed. Or you will not see a light until you press a button hard enough; this is do to the wearing of the remote keys. This problem is easily fixed either by sending the remote to us for repair (Click here for more Information), or Repair the remote yourself by ordering our Key-Pad-Repair Kit with simple, step-by-step instructions. (Click Here to Order the Key-pad-Repair Kit, or Click Here for more Information)

Most common buttons to not work do to the wearing of them:

  1. BulletPower

  2. BulletChannel up/down

  3. BulletVolume up/down

  4. BulletKeypad numbers

If the remote does not work you will not see a light for any of the buttons pressed. We can help you with this, there are a few options that we offer:

  1. BulletWe will repair your remote, Go to for more information about Our Repair Services.

  2. BulletYou may also go to and order a new original replacement remote control.

  3. BulletYou may also try the Key-Pad-Repair Kit, for more infromation go to

Any Questions please call: 336-969-1842 or e-mail support at

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